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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Marital Glue: Nightly Gratitude Journal

A few months ago, nights went a little something like this: Me: “Okay, let’s get ready for bed.” San: “Okay, Pumpkin Pie.”  (sidenote: I melt, but that probably makes you want to gag) *ten minutes later* San: “I sent you something on DrawSomething.  Heehee!” staring at his phone in anticipation for my next move Me: […]

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Engagement Experience Tip: Autumn 2012 Outfit Ideas

Woo hoo! That’s the sound of my excitement projecting through your monitor (or smart phone). If I haven’t made it clear before, I’m screaming it from my rooftop desktop today: I love engagement experiences! I absolutely love weddings, too, but I adore engagement experiences because they are relaxing, full of love, stress-free, and always different. […]

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Business Update: The Heart of What I Do

Sitting in Caribou Coffee yesterday, waiting for potential wedding clients to walk through the door, the pit of my stomach was gnawing at my confidence. What if I’m not what they expected? What if I slur my words out of nervousness? What if they decide they don’t want to go with me? These thoughts are really nothing […]

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Lisa and Aaron: Married – Rochester, MN Photography

On Saturday, I traveled back to my hometown for the wedding of Aaron and Lisa.  Aaron and Lisa met through friends and haven’t looked back ever since.  Their wedding was handmade with lots of love.  I absolutely love when family members are part of the bridal party – it makes for lots of laughter and […]

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