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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Marital Gluesday: Eating Clean and Getting Serious

San and I both have our own journeys when it comes to living a fit lifestyle.  I grew up eating mainly home-cooked, balanced meals and had a fast metabolism.  I struggled with my weight in ninth grade, but once I switched to salads at lunch and joined the dance team, I was back to my […]

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Ooh-ing and Aww-ing Over: Creamy WHCC Prints

As a social media and blog junkie, I see beautiful photos everywhere.  I regularly read other photographers’ blogs and stay updated through their Facebook and Instagram accounts.  I love staying connected to my photography community.  It really is such an amazing blessing to have such beauty at our fingertips thanks to the technology of computers and […]

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Growing My Business: The Role God Plays

September of 2011 was a life-changing month for me.  I was in grad school, newly married to the love of my life, and on track to become a licensed English teacher by the end of the following May.  I had graduated with honors just a few months before and had a plan for my life. […]

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Marital Gluesday: What To Do When Your Spouse Wants a Say in the Decorating

Growing up, my dad built houses (he’s a carpenter) and my mom was an avid decorator.  In 1995, my parents bought a house from an Amish family that had no electricity or plumbing.  My dad modernized the house before we moved in and then for the next ten years, I lived in a constant state […]

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Our Home: Keeping Track of Life in One Household Binder

I’ve been pretty addicted to searching Pinterest for home organization ideas. For the past six months, I have done a tremendous amount of searching for home binder ideas. Seriously, just search Pinterest for “household binder” and you will find enough blog posts to occupy you for days. I have been craving a one-stop-shop for keeping […]

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