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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Marital Gluesday: 5 Tips for Keeping Financial Stress Out of Your Marriage

In the previous Marital Gluesday post, I shared our journey from stupid spenders to blissful budgeters.  This definitely did not happen overnight, but this process was probably one of the best for predicting marital success for our futures.  Notice how I said marital success, not financial success.  Of course, this will lead to success financially […]

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Working it Out with Workflow Boards

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been really into creating systems for both life and business this year.  I’ve learned that with a more than full-time job and a business, my mind is constantly bombarded by things to remember.  I just can’t keep it all sorted in my mind, so I need systems so that I […]

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Marital Gluesday: Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

I have been writing a lot lately about my beliefs about why marriages fail and why it is so important to go into marriage truly believing and investing everything you have into the phrase “till death do us part.”  This is a lot easier said than done because there are so many areas of marriage […]

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Business Update: PASS-ing on Flash Drives and DVDs

When I started my business, the thought of all the choices I could make made me very excited.  It still does, but I’ve realized that there is a price tag attached to each and every decision I make – some in the form of income and some in the form of expenses.  When it came […]

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Marital Gluesday : Two Paths to Marital “Success”

Warning: this week’s Marital Gluesday post is a little word-heavy and is based on no research in particular.  It is based on what I have witnessed, what I learned in college, and what is in my heart.  If you have a differing opinion, I would love for you to share it in the comments. In […]

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