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Monthly Archives: April 2013

God + Life + Photography Retreat: A Life-Changer

I honestly have no idea how to start this post.  I’m usually much better at describing things in writing than I am in spoken words, but even days after returning from the God + Life + Photography Retreat, I’m having the hardest time describing just what is in my heart. When I was gearing up […]

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Monthly Chalk: Springtime Rain is Hopefully Coming

I cannot believe it is already time for another monthly chalk post! I loved the yellow in last month’s chalkboard art, and as any Minnesotan, I’m excited to see a color other than white and brown.  Don’t get me wrong, I love white, especially in decorating because it lets colors pop, but when it is […]

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Goal Report: April 2013

Instead of doing a long-winded goal report, I’m just going to comment on some things I got done this month and some things I did not. When it came to business goals, I used my new workflow charts really well this month.  Read more about them here.  I started preparing for my photography retreat, but […]

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Marital Gluesday: Saturday Cartoons and Legos

On Saturdays when I was growing up, I could be certain of two things: Saturday morning cartoons and building Lego houses.  I would spend many hours on the living room floor crouched over a pile of Legos with cartoons playing in front of me but my mind designing homes for the little people with removable heads.  I’d […]

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