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Wedding Tip: Why Two Consultations?

When a bride emails me, I ask a series of questions about who she is, what she is looking for, how she found me, etc., and then I slowly lay out the process for hiring me if she would like.  By the time prices are discussed and questions are answered, I have mentioned that if […]

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The Schinke Family: Multi-generation Family – Long Lake, MN Photography

Do you want to know what sets my heart on fire, what drew me to become a photographer, and what inspires me daily?  Oddly enough, it is not photographs or even anything close to photography.  Sure, I love photography, and live and breathe it, but it’s not photography alone that drew me to start a […]

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The Maxwells: Family – Edina, MN Photography

Oh, my goodness! I cannot be more excited to share the latest session I had this past Sunday.  I am photographing Mirella and Justin’s wedding in just over three weeks (ahhh – I can’t wait!) so it seems like an odd time to have a photo session, but Mirella being insanely sweet and considerate emailed me […]

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Marital Gluesday: Spreading Love Does Not Mean Subtracting

If you haven’t noticed, I really love my husband.  I’m so happy to say that, and proud to show it because I think happiness rubs off on those around you, and there’s nothing I love more than putting a smile on someone’s face.  San and I are one of those kind of sappy couples who […]

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Little J is On His Way: Maternity – Eagan, MN Photography

Honestly, for someone who rambles, it usually shocks me when I don’t even know where to begin. But here I am, not knowing where to start.  I’m the kind of person who has just a few amazingly close friends instead of tons and tons of acquaintances.  Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe how grateful I […]

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