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About Me

My name is, Sarah Syhakhoun (pronounced See-Haw-koon), and I am a Minnesotan love and marriage photographer.
Some things you may or may not find amusing are:

  • I lived on a farm most of life except for the past four years when I moved to the Twin Cities for college.  Now I’m a country girl living in the city, loving both for different reasons, and capturing the heart of each with my trusty camera.
  • I am a Glee fanatic.  Something about embodying one’s inner loser must appeal to me, probably because I am a huge dork and have dreamed for years that people would randomly break into song.
  • I am both extremely Type-A and extremely creative, all in one redheaded body.
  • I minored in Family Studies at the University of St. Thomas (where I got both my English and teaching degrees).  I am fully committed to making marriages strong and preserving rare, unique love.
  • I take great pride in my red hair.  I love features that make people stand out, and I especially love when people are proud of their quirks.  I have lots of them that I’m learning to love!
  • My husband, San, is my much better sidekick/soulmate/companion.  He supports all my crazy ideas and gives me the courage to go after my dreams, big or small.  He is a chef, which is something I love to brag to people about, because, seriously, who gets to eat their husband’s amazing cooking every day?  This girl!
  • I’m going to be wearing polka dots and ruffles until my dying day.  Oh, and cardigans, which I have an ever-growing collection of in almost every color.
  • Photography is a hobby-turned-job for me and I couldn’t be more excited to make this transition a permanent one.  It’s one thing to do something for money, it’s another thing when you would do it whether you made money from it or not.  Photography will always be a part of me.
  • Marriage is something I’m so passionate about.  I could ramble on about how precious they are and how said it makes me to see people unhappy in marriage.  As a photographer, I believe I have the unique position to work as a role model and supporter of people in love so that their love continues to grow.  Not only that, but I am so blessed to be able to photograph true love and show it off to inspire others.  My job is so much more than just photography to me!

I have also written about my philosophy on photography and my style here.

*Beautiful wedding photo of my husband and me courtesy of Leah Maria Photography.

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