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2013 Goal Review: What Worked and What Didn’t

Where in the world did December and the first week of January go?  I just cannot believe how fast time seems to move as an adult and I hear it just goes faster as we age.  I’m back to check-in on the goals I posted on January 1st of 2013.  Overall, this year was quite […]

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2013: A Year Review in Photos

Wow!  This year has flown by!  Now that the snow has returned, it is hard to remember that nice weather that only began in mid-May this year!  I feel like I’m back in January.  This year has brought so many changes in my life: a new house, renovating our house, a dog, quitting my teaching […]

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What I Want to Do Before I Kick the Bucket

A few photographers I know have shared their bucket list for their business.  I love this idea because it really shows a lot about someone to see what their lofty dreams are!  It’s inspiring, especially when they are able to check things off on the list.  Sometimes when I think about my business, my view […]

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How a Binder Helps Build My Business

This summer has been a summer of renovating and finding any way to organize that I can because our house is pretty chaotic as we are knocking out walls, changing lighting, moving stairs, etc.  Nothing has a permanent place yet, so my organizational tendencies have been geared to other areas.  This has created a binder-building […]

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Behind the Scenes: My Wedding Day Gear

I am very happy to report that I have purchased pretty much all of the wedding gear I need.  I used to rent my lenses, but now I no longer have to worry about being home when the UPS guy comes to deliver them or spend extra money on renting.  This saves me so much […]

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