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Mirella and Justin: Married – St. Paul, MN Photography

Mirella and Justin.  Wow.  I met Mirella at the University of St. Thomas when we were in the same Communications class.  We had to do a semester-long group project on some sort of scandal, so along with Mirella and the rest of our group, we studied Jon Gosselin right after his breakup with his wife, […]

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Marital Gluesday: Reliving Our Wedding Day

Two years ago today, I married my best friend.  Two years ago today, I laughed at my almost-husband as I told him he had food in his teeth when we saw each other for the first time on our wedding day.  I think that sentence perfectly sums up just what I was getting myself into. […]

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Inspired By: Second Shooting and Why I Do It

When I first started my business, I desperately wanted some way to gain experience on a wedding day. I knew what I was doing technically (working the camera, nailing exposure, etc.), but I had not shot a wedding from start to finish. Thankfully, a couple photographers were willing to let me tag along, and through […]

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Laura and Kyle: Married – Edina, MN Photography

Oh my goodness!  I am beyond ecstatic to share this wedding with you!  Laura is a very great friend of mine.  We actually taught together this past year (which was my full-time job until about a week ago – more on that coming in a separate blog post another time) as English teachers in a […]

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Holly and Diego: Married Rochester, MN Photography

I am so excited to share Holly and Diego’s wedding!  I was so worried that they were going to get rained out because it was pouring up in the cities when I set out for the day, but thankfully, it was a beautiful, clear day!  Holly went all out with the vintage DIY details – […]

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