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Wedding Tip: Why Every Bride Should Consider Having a First Look

Notice how I said “consider” and not “should have.”  I am not one to tell people what to do on one of the most important days of their life, but I am all for educating people based on my experience as both a bride and photographer. Before I begin, in case you have no idea […]

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Wedding Tip: Why Two Consultations?

When a bride emails me, I ask a series of questions about who she is, what she is looking for, how she found me, etc., and then I slowly lay out the process for hiring me if she would like.  By the time prices are discussed and questions are answered, I have mentioned that if […]

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10 Tips for Staying Organized While Planning a Wedding

When I think back to my wedding planning days, I think about how happy I am to not be under that stress anymore.  I planned our wedding during my senior year of college when I was going to school full-time, working 25-30 hours a week, and working hard to graduate with honors.  Somehow I made […]

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Timeless Photos Need Timeless Albums

When I got married, I could not wait to receive our photos.  I thought I was going to explode when our photographer delivered them.  After seeing them and posting them to Facebook, I got started on designing an album for us and our parents so we could all keep the beautiful images for many years to […]

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Wedding Tip: Make Friends with Your Photographer

As I’ve been building my business, reflecting on my own wedding photography experience, and figuring out how I can serve others in ways beyond just photography, one fact continues to drive me forward in my quest to become the best photographer possible: your wedding photographer is the one person who spends your whole wedding day with […]

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