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FAQ’s: Ask Sarah

What should I wear to an engagement/family/soulmate experience?

Typically, I suggest you wear something comfortable, flattering, and “you.”  This means different things for different people.  If you want a more casual engagement experience, jeans and a cute top work well.  However, dresses, heels, and dressier items look awesome as well if you want a more formal session.  As far as looking good in a group, think complimenting not matching.  Find colors that look good together, perhaps have a common color run throughout the group (like pops of blue in most of the outfits), but try not to match too much because it will look contrived.  Overall, choose something you feel good in because that’s the first step to looking good!


What is a family/engagement/soulmate experience typically like?

I work hard to keep all my portrait experiences as relaxed as possible.  Most people don’t like being followed around with a camera in their face (if you do, that’s awesome!).  I really try to help you open up through conversation, to focus on the love you feel for your spouse/children/fiance/etc. and have a good time.  Laughter and smiles are part of every experience I offer!  My job is more than just about the photos – it’s about the entire experience.  Clients consistently tell me that their experience was much more fun than they had expected, that they didn’t imagine feeling so comfortable, and that they could have kept going for a few more hours.  I look forward to giving you a similar experience!


What makes you different than other photographers?

Other than my style, which is showcased throughout my website (simple, fresh, and vibrant), my approach to my business is much different than most photographers.  I am not a portrait and wedding photographer; instead, I am a love and marriage photographer.  Some people go into this business because they love photography.  I went into this business both because I love photography, but more importantly, because I adore inspiring love and aim to help make marriages stronger.  As a little girl, I never dreamed about my wedding day.  Instead, I dreamed about my future marriage and family.  I believe marriages are meant to last a lifetime, so as a love and marriage photographer, I create ongoing realtionships with my clients so they always have someone there who supports their marriage and wants their love to continue to grow.  This is so much more than a job for me.  It’s a life mission that fills my heart with joy and brings about so many friendships that don’t come about just by taking someone’s photos.


What gear do you have?

I shoot with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.  At all portrait experiences, I always have a 50mm f/1.4 and an 85mm f/1.8.  At weddings, I have a backup camera, a 100mm f/2.8L macro, a 24-70mm f/2.8L zoom, and a 70-200 f/2.8L telephoto zoom, in addition to the prime lenses I have at all portrait experiences.  I also have a flash that I bring to all portrait and wedding experiences.  This setup gives me the capabilities to produce beautiful images in any situation (small room, huge room, dark lighting, etc.) so I never miss a moment.


I want to hire you for my wedding, what steps should I take?

Awesome!  I’m so glad you would like to work with me!  The first step is to email me ( to setup an initial consultation where we will discuss your wants/needs, your history as a couple, what drew you to me, and what working with me is like.  After that, I require a deposit to reserve your wedding day.  Then, we communicate as much as you would like until we have the final consultation a couple weeks before the wedding.  At that time, the remaining balance is due and we discuss the specific details of your wedding day.  I then prepare for you wedding, show up, help you to have a great time and capture lifelong memories.  You then receive your images and whatever else you ordered and we hopefully continue to work together in the future during soulmate and family experiences.  I aim to make friends with my clients, so chances are, after your wedding we will still be in contact.  I love to support my couples’ marriages and not just their wedding days.


Do you have insurance?

Of course!  I have liability insurance as well as insurance for all of my gear.  I cannot imagine doing business without it!


What are your wedding packages?

Wedding packages are subject to change, so for the most current package listing, please email me at or fill out the contact form above.


If you have any other questions, please fill out the contact form above or email me at


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