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Giving Thanks: 2012

Whew! Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Did you get to spend time with your loved ones? I sure did!

San and I hosted Thanksgiving with my family this year and, uff-da, I’m tired! You would think a photographer would constantly take photos of her life, but that is something I am bad at. When we have kids, I know my camera will never get to take a breather, but right now, I’m so busy, that when I’m home I like to be in “off” mode. I do my best to capture special days, however, like our recent Thanksgiving. I didn’t take as many photos of the food as I would have liked, but this girl was starving!


We live in a fairly small apartment with a tiny kitchen, but we made it work. I will give my hubby man credit for making most of the food. He is a chef, so I let him wow the crowd with his skills and lent him a hand only when he asked for it. We celebrated on Saturday since San worked on Thanksgiving (perks of marrying a chef, but I wouldn’t change a thing), so we did a ton of preparing on Friday. Here was just the start of our to do list that day:


We cooked our turkey the day before . . .



We also made homemade turkey stock the day before and blanched green beans for the world’s best green bean casserole (thank you so much Ree Drummond AKA Pioneer Woman) .


While San was concerned with the food, I wanted to make sure the details were just right. We were working on a teeny tiny budget, but I think we made it work beautifully. I was running around like a maniac making a giant chalkboard for our dining room (that I had wanted for quite some time) the day before as well as getting the table looking perfect. I loved it!






I also made a “Give Thanks” banner for our desk-turned-buffet that we brought out into our living area. I love it!


Now, for the food. YUM! The buffet and stuffing:


Loaded mashed potatoes:


Amazing green bean casserole and turkey:


There was tons more, but I was too hungry to wait and snap photos of it. I promise I’ll get better at that! Overall, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I miss my family so much when we are apart, so I cherish the moments we get to celebrate together. At church this past Sunday, the sermon was all about giving thanks to God for everything we have because all the goodness in our life is a gift from him. I’m working on keeping that in the front of my mind always because as a human, I do not deserve any of the good things I have, but thanks to an extremely loving Creator, I get so much more than I could ever want and need. What a wonderful way to start the Christmas season! I’ll be back later this week to share our Christmas decorations! I love this time of year! In the meantime, please tell me about your Thanksgiving in the comment section below.

Also, San has a blog as well where he posted about Thanksgiving.  See it here at Obviously Cheddar.

Val - November 26, 2012 - 1:09 pm

It all looks beautiful and delicious!

Kristi - November 26, 2012 - 2:34 pm

Nice job, and the food looks amazing! Did you make the loaded mashed potatoes in the slowcooker, or are you just keeping them warm? If it’s a slowcooker recipe, I would love it if you were willing to share! :)

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