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Marital Glue: A Bucket List Full of Celebrities

Hee. Hoo. Hee. Hoo. Hee. Hoo.

Oh, hi! What am I doing, you ask? I’m semi-hyperventilating, semi-breathing-like-a-woman-in-labor.

Why, you ask? Man, you are full of questions. Well, I’m about to share with you one of the best moments of my life!

Okay, well that might be stretching it, but it is definitely hyperventilate-worthy stuff I’m going to be sharing with you. You see, four short years ago, I found this website. You may have heard of it, Young House Love. Well, at that time, it was called This Young House, but then This Old House (the show/magazine) threatened to sue them if they didn’t change their name, but that’s another story. Sorry, I get sidetracked when I’m hyperventilating and doing breathing exercises.

Anywho, I have read John and Sherry’s blog every single day they have posted since I started reading four years ago. I have read every word on their website. I have followed in their footsteps many a time (take my gallery wall, for example) and have done some serious drooling on my keyboard multiple times a week looking at their decorating ideas. After reading a person’s online diary, and John and Sherry’s diary is up close and personal, you feel like you really know them. Every time they respond to a comment I post, I get giddy, kind of like I did when Jasmine Star answered a question I posted when she was teaching a class in the online school, Creative Live, but even moreso.

John and Sherry recently published their first book. Of course, I preordered it right away. You may have seen the photo I posted on Instagram of me running down to our mail room in my pajamas at 6am after checking my phone to see that the book had been delivered. I was THAT excited. Here’s the photo in case you didn’t get to see me in all my glory.


Imagine my excitement when I saw this on my Twitter page shortly after posting the photo:


Not joking, San about had a heart attack from all the jumping up and down and white-girl dancing I was doing!

But, that’s not even the beginning. Later that week, they posted this on their blog and guess whose embarassing bedhead mug was front and center?


Consider me completely starstruck at that point. Before all of this madness erupted, I had marked my calendars for the book tour when they announced they would be coming to the heart of Minnesota. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I knew right away that I would tell them that I am the pajama girl they referred to not once but twice in public.

Last Wednesday, the book tour came and you better believe I was about 100th in line out of at least 800 or more. I waited outside for two hours and in the store for one hour before meeting my DIY celebrities. Honestly, I can’t think of any other famous person (at least famous in my world) that I would rather meet.


I should probably add that San, the trooper of a husband that he is, was there with me, but poor hubby man was not the center of attention that night. I may have told him that if the lady didn’t know how to work my fancy camera that he would have to take the photo of me with John and Sherry and would not be in the photo. Bad wife, I know, but thankfully that didn’t happen.

When it was finally our turn to meet them, I pulled out my phone and showed them the pajama photo, telling them that I that girl. Sherry said (and I quote), “Oh my gosh! That’s you? That was our favorite photo! You’re famous!” And that was when all my dreams came true. They remembered me!

I was too star struck to remember much else that they said, but we managed to take away a photo that I may just frame and put in my gallery wall . . . is that creepy?


As we left, Sherry told me to take a similar photo in front of something else in our home next time they publish a book. I believe they definitely will publish another book and I will be the first to post another embarassing photo. In fact, here are some more to add to my collection:


And here is the book they signed. Swoon.


They also signed Edwin, my prized ceramic flying pig.


I must admit, that John and Sherry, though they are my favorite celebrities I’ve met, they are not the only people San and I have stood in line to meet. Instead of pining after a moment with big-wig singer celebrities, we align ourselves with the culinary/decorating/author crowd. For example, we can successfully cross meeting these people off our bucket list (beware – all photos are old and taken on old point-and-shoot cameras so the quality is subpar):


Bobby Flay (Food Network)


Duff (Food Network)


Nicholas Sparks (author)


Alton Brown (Food Network)


Amber Tamblyn (actress and poet)

We realize this collection of celebrities to us might seem a little nerdy to you, but we are so happy to meet these people we connect with in some way. It’s another version of marital glue for us. We bond while we stand in line, while we share interests, and while we reminisce about the crazy times we had meeting crazy people. I can’t wait to find out who else we will meet!

What celebrities have you met? Who is on your bucket list?

Val - November 19, 2012 - 1:19 pm

Wow, you have quite of collection of celebrities you have met!
I have met Gloria Steinem and a few congressmen. I really don’t go to events to meet anyone.
I love that you were able to meet and talk with Sherry & John!
Signing the pig was really a cute idea, I love it!!

kristen - November 30, 2012 - 3:19 pm

dude! you’re on YHL again today :)

Rebecca @This Nest is Best - November 30, 2012 - 3:48 pm

AH! I know exactly how you feel! Sherry said she recognized my blog name and I about had a heart attack (details here:

And I’m seeeeeriously crushing your frame wall! Love, love, love!!!

Brittany - November 30, 2012 - 6:28 pm

your enthusiasm is so cool and real, this was super enjoyable to read!

Kal - December 1, 2012 - 2:42 am

I am so jealous!! I want to meet John and Sherry too- so much, it’s a little awkward 😉 I came over from YHL and a lurve your blog- you are tooooo cute. (I also get crazy-giddy when Sherry replies to a comment I made.) So excited to find your site- please keep it up. Gives me somethin’ good to read at work 😉

Michelle - December 1, 2012 - 4:30 pm

I love Alton Brown! Did you see him on Mythbusters? They cooked a Thanksgiving dinner in/on a car! Everything looked amazing and delicious!

Google - March 4, 2013 - 7:54 pm


[…]one of our guests not long ago encouraged the following website[…]…

Entryway Update & Hidden Office Storage - August 7, 2014 - 1:51 pm

[…] On the top shelf, the lantern with a candle was a gift, the Bless this Home frame was a gift and I just painted it with coral paint, and the silver vintage jug was also used in our wedding.  The flying pig is actually very special to me.  I have always had a thing for pigs (I’ve always wanted a pig named Disco), and I even had Vans shoes with flying pigs on them in high school.  I adored those shoes.  I don’t remember where I saw the ceramic flying pig, but I had to buy him that second.  We named him Edwin, naturally.  Anyway, he is signed by John and Sherry from Young House Love during their book tour.  Funny story, I was actually mentioned on their blog twice (once in photo form, and once I got an actual mention) because I posted a funny photo of myself holding their book in front of our gallery wall in our old apartment in my pajamas because I was so eager to pick up the book that I walked through our apartment building looking like that to pick it up.  I chronicled all the madness and excitement on my photography blog. […]

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