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A Not So Cookie-Cutter Christmas Tree

You better believe that the day after we celebrated Thanksgiving, I was lugging our Christmas decorations out of storage and blasting the Christmas music so loud God could probably hear it up in Heaven. There is no time of the year I love more than Christmas time. I try to suck out every last drop of holiday cheer, so I start preparing early and let it extend as long as socially acceptable.

We have been super budget-conscious this year as we are trying to pay off student loans in a matter of just a couple years instead of a decade or more. So, that called for no spending on Christmas decor this year, but luckily I worked hard on buying and making as much as possible last year. I may use some of my personal spending money later this month to add a little more, but I’m pleased with what we have now.

Color is my best friend, so our tree is far from simplistic. I love simple, rustic trees, too, but I just can’t keep myself away from vintage Shiny Brite ornaments and beautiful patterns. It started as a silver and white color scheme and then got a little crazy.

Blog readers, meet Christmas tree.


Last year, when we celebrated our first Christmas as a hubby man and wife, we started many traditions (which I will be telling you about in a later post), but one of them is me taking a photo with our current year of marriage and the bokeh (the blurry circles created from letting as much light into the lens as possible for those who don’t speak photog-talk) from that year’s Christmas tree. That’s the photo you see on the left above. When I get around to making albums from our life, that will make for a fun start to each year’s Christmas photos.


Last year, I made our beautiful white ruffled tree skirt for $9! I still love it more than anything I could find in the stores.


I made cookie cutter ornaments (does the title of the post make sense now?) using glue and scrapbook paper since we are foodies and I love anything unexpected when it comes to decorating. The Shiny Brite ornament in the photo on the right above is my favorite. I love the colors! I swear I was born in the wrong era.


Another tradition we started last year is buying an ornament that reflects that year together. Last year, we bought the silver “S” for our last name (as well as both of our first names) since we got married just a few months before Christmas. We haven’t found one for this year yet, but we are on the lookout. We also try to buy an ornament whenever we travel together. The Mount Rushmore is super sentimental because that’s where San proposed to me.


I couldn’t help myself this year and had to buy that adorable camera ornament. It definitely sums up my year. I love my job!


The nearby entertainment stand also houses a few cute decorations, like my favorite blue pedestal bowl filled with silver ornaments for Edwin (the ceramic pig) to gaze at all day and little glittery snowflakes scattered throught the shelves.

I just love Christmas decorations, in all colors and themes. How do you decorate this time of year?

Val - November 27, 2012 - 2:37 pm

The Christmas tree is beautiful! I love the camera ornament, I wonder if that could be the base of your pin (broach) we talked about. Need to talk to someone who does costume jewelry design.

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